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Special Report on

Information Infrastructure Task Force

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[The Congress shall have power] To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries; -- US Constitution, Article I Section 8 Intellectual property law cannot be patched, retrofitted, or expanded to contain digitized expression any more than real estate law might be revised to cover the allocation of broadcasting spectrum (which, in fact, rather resembles what is being attempted here). We will need to develop an entirely new set of methods as befits this entirely new set of circumstances. Most of the people who ...
their territorial waters, and for the force of U.S. military resources at these locations. USSOUTHCOM is also responsible for ensuring the militarization of the Panama Canal and canal area. Under the leadership of a four-star Commander, Southcom is organized into a headquarters with six main directorates, component commands and military groups that represent SOUTHCOM in the region of Central America , South America & the Caribbean. The current commander is General Douglas M. Fraser , USAF . USSOUTHCOM is a joint command of more than 1,200 military and civilian personnel representing the United States Army , Navy , Air Force , ...
The world is slowly witnessing the development of the global information infrastructure (GII), a seamless web of communication networks, computers, databases and consumer electronics that will put vast amounts of information at user’s finger tips (United States. Information Infrastructure Task Force 1994). Lesson Expectation: To learn the impact of global information infrastructure to the humanity and to be able to confirm users of said information. Furthermore, to be able to identify the uses of information infrastructure. In addition, to define global information infrastructure and its effect to democracy. Review: The ... market research, surveys and trends
oct. 28, 1998: president signs new copyright law
Trailrunner7 sends in this excerpt from Threatpost (Adobe announcement here): Adobe today shipped a critical Reader/Acrobat patch to cover a total of 17 documented vulnerabilities that expose Windows, Mac, and Unix users to malicious hacker attacks. The update, which affects Alleged Russian Spy Ring Exposed In US Several readers sent in the story of an alleged Russian spy ring busted yesterday by the FBI after a decade-long investigation. The FBI says that Moscow trained and planted long-term moles in the US in order to infiltrate the upper Daily Kos Pollster Made Up Numbers jamie found a story up on Daily Kos revealing that the ... market research, surveys and trends


Archived: Copyright and K-12: Who Pays in the Network Era?
each year on textbooks and other copyrighted works--approximately $5.4 billion out of current expenditures of well over $200 billion. Many teachers and students are either doing without the material or pirating it. One study found that some 32 percent of 1,349 participants had illegally copied software, a finding consistent with an informal survey for this paper. Enter computer networks, the ultimate copying machines. Networks make it easier for students and teachers to share knowledge, but at the same time copyright holders want strict protection of their rights. How to resolve these dilemmas? The issues go far beyond piracy. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
White Paper on Information Infrastructure Assurance
FAS Intro: The following White Paper, prepared by the staff of the Security Policy Board in December 1995, describes the government's attempt to come to grips with the potential threat to the U.S. information infrastructure. It was obtained by the FAS Project on Government Secrecy . PURPOSE : To provide a national perspective on the security-related challenges presented by the emergence of a National Information Infrastructure (NII), to assess the Federal Government's current ability to address these challenges, and to offer ideas and options for meeting them. THE SITUATION: The nation is at risk . On 16 July ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Globaltel Media CEO Named Trustee of Rady Children's Hospital IT Task Force
has been appointed to the Rady Children's Hospital Information Technology Task Force as a trustee. In this role, Mr. Sanchez will share his expertise and provide guidance to improve patient care and hospital efficiency through the use of proven technologies in the healthcare field. This year, Globaltel Media has developed key technologies used in the healthcare field including MedAlirti that enables the sharing of medical information with rich media via standard cell phone SMS text messaging. The solution provides a way for doctors and other healthcare professionals to securely and efficiently transport and share medical ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Gas drilling task force takes shape
Legislature Chairman Pat Donnelly, R-Bath, said members of the task force’s Steering Committee met last week to develop a mission statement and approve the application for three sub-committees: Public Safety, Roads and Infrastructure, and Housing. The task force was set up in response to anticipated drilling in to the Marcellus Shale natural formation located roughly a mile below the surface throughout parts of New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The state Department of Conservation is in the process of adopting guidelines for the drilling process. Drilling has become a divisive issues with advocates claiming the gas ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure
Information Infrastructure Task Force, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, National Information Infrastructure: Agenda for ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
IT Infrastructure Task Force
The IT Infrastructure Task Force provides a forum for senior administrative and technology leaders to identify the University’s future information technology investment needs, to explore investment and resource allocation strategies, and to raise awareness of the critical role of information technology in addressing future enrollment growth demands. IT Infrastructure Task Force members confirmed two broad objectives for this initiative: (1) the development of a resource model for mission-critical, systemwide IT infrastructure investments, and (2) the identification of strategic IT-related issues that require ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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WikiAnswers - What is some information about the invention of the ...
Many people think that the Internet is a recent innovation, when in fact the fundamental ideas behind the Internet have been around for over a quarter century. The development of what we now call the Internet started in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first satellite, beating the United States into space. The powers behind the American military at the time became highly alarmed as this meant that the USSR could theoretically launch bombs into space, and then drop them anywhere on earth. In 1958 the concerns of people in the US military triggered the creation of the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency ...
What are the three kinds of technology? - Yahoo! Answers
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