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Special Report on

Information Technology in Haiti

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Despite being a profound technophile I've always been - and still remain - ambivalent about the potential role of information technology in Haiti and other Third World countries. My mom bought our first home computer (an Apple II/C) when I was about 8 and I've been tinkering with the beasts since. Though everyone from high school remembers me as "that girl who loved computers", I specifically avoided studying in information technology because I wanted to be in a field that touched the lives of the Haitian working class and rural majority. Over the last 20 years there have been a number of initiatives aiming ...
On various occasions, it has experienced political violence throughout its history. Most recently, in February 2004, an armed rebellion forced the resignation and exile of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide , and a provisional government took control with security provided by the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). Rene Preval , the current president, was elected in the Haitian general election, 2006 . On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti and devastated the capital city, Port-au-Prince . Reportedly more than 150,000 people were killed and buried later in mass graves, although the exact ...
Moving from Survival to Entrepreneurship in Haiti | Blog ...
How do you encourage entrepreneurship in the Western Hemisphere's poorest country, where capital is scarce, young people are discouraged and one of the worst natural disasters of the century has wiped out much of the infrastructure? That was the central question posed at an April 28 hearing of a subcommittee of the House Committee on Financial Services. The topic, of course, was Haiti, and how to promote small and micro enterprise. The witnesses were a diverse group of experts and included two Haitian entrepreneurs, Mathias Pierre and Olivier Barrau. Rep. Gregory Meeks , a New York Democrat who chairs the Subcommittee on ... market research, surveys and trends
The Power of Information | DoD Live
JTF-Haiti aggressively and effectively used social media platforms, such as Facebook, to convey messages and visual images to its audience on a daily basis, often in near real time. U.S. Army photo by Capt. Adam Hallmark/11th PAD By Maj. Gen. Simeon Trombitas Trombitas is serving in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as the commander of Joint Task Force-Haiti. He is also the commander of United States Army South in San Antonio, Texas. For those of us who have some years of experience behind us, we can remember a life without cellular phones, the Internet, email, Facebook and smart phone applications. Although this life may have been ... market research, surveys and trends


Haiti anxious for partners, survey says, as donors meet -
Haitians lack confidence that their government will be able to lead a multibillion-dollar earthquake recovery plan set to be hashed out Wednesday at an international donors' conference at the United Nations. In a survey of 1,700 Haitians conducted this month, a majority said they believe a partnership is needed between foreign governments, Haitian civil society and the central government in Port-au-Prince. "It's understandable that people feel anxious about their own governmental response," said Philippe Mathieu, country director of Oxfam-Quebec, part of the confederation of agencies that make up the global charity ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Red Cross Raises More than $32 Million via Mobile Giving Program
— Hundreds of thousands of cell phone users have made $10 donations to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund by sending the word “Haiti” to 90999, raising a record-shattering $32 million in mobile giving for the ongoing relief efforts. The mobile giving program was established within hours of the January 12 earthquake in Haiti through the efforts of the U.S. State Department, Mobile Accord/mGive Foundation, CTIA – The Wireless Association, and the American Red Cross. The text “Haiti” to 90999 has been an easy and efficient way for people to lend their support to those ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
SIDEWALK SERIES: Amateur radio offers technical assistance during disasters
Aug 24, 2010 (Moscow-Pullman Daily News - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) -- More than two feet of snow and ice has fallen in 24 hours. Roads are impassable. The power is out. Cell phone towers are frozen over and phone lines are down, knocking out all communications. The city of Moscow is being brought to its knees. That's when Geoff Billin -- and other hams, or amateur radio operators, like him -- come in to save the day. The 66-year-old Moscow man has been tinkering with amateur radio for the better part of 15 years and is active in ARES, or Amateur Radio Emergency Services. With public officials ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Dubai integral to Pakistan flood relief
Khuram Shahzad, right, from Pakistan, and Ryan Twittey, an Australian citizen, organise relief supplies in a United Nations warehouse in Dubai�s International Humanitarian City. Jaime Puebla / The National DUBAI // While aid workers in Pakistan scramble to help the millions of people in need, the pressure is on Dubai-based UN staff to get vital relief equipment to them quickly. Staff at the United Nations� Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) have been working round the clock since the floods began to ensure that relief items they store for their 38 partner organisations – including tents, pre-fabricated buildings and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


PDF - support HIV treatment in rural Haiti An information system ...
Nov 12, 2004 ... forward” telemedicine.12 13 Our treatment sites in Haiti, ..... Information technology and telemedicine in sub-. Saharan Africa. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Blog @ Homeland Security: Haiti
provides an inside-out view of what we do every day at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The Blog lets us talk about how we secure our nation, strengthen our programs, and unite the Department behind our common mission and principles. It also lets us hear from you. Just as you are at home, we at the Department are closely monitoring the aftermath of the earthquake that struck the island nation of Haiti last night. The USGS reports an initial magnitude reading of 7.0 on the Richter scale, and while we don't have a full assessment of the damage, initial reports and military over flights suggest the loss of life and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Information Technology in Haiti - American University Washington ...
In 1492 Christopher Columbus had reached, what he thought was India, a place that was to become the New World. Haiti, being the first location inhabited by the Europeans, would soon bring a plethora of riches to its Conquistadors. After two centuries of occupation and plundering, the Spanish Throne surrendered to the French the isle that they would christen "The Pearl of the Antilles". When the exploitation of the gold became unprofitable, the new masters, using African slaves, turned the land into the richest of their sugar producing colonies. When the French Revolution ...
WikiAnswers - What is the literacy rate in Haiti
If the literacy rate is low in a country it will cause the country to have poor production of products, If the production is poor then no other country is going to want to buy the products which... What is literacy rate ? amount of people in a country with the ability to read and write. What is the literacy rate of California? Between 21 and 23 percent of Americans (40 million) are functioning at Level 1 literacy rating, defined simply as "not having adequate reading skills for daily life." The rate for California is 24 %.... Research your answer: Related videos:   Our contributors said this page should be ...
Why Mud Cakes and Food Riots in Haiti? -- ATCA Open and ...
It is giving us sleepless nights and increasingly becoming heart rending to note that people are having to eat mud cakes in Haiti -- cakes made of margarine, mud & salt -- to keep hunger at bay as the price of food rockets around the world, with a particularly adverse impact on the developing world. You will have no doubt already read, "Food Security: Why has the Global Food Crisis reached Emergency Proportions?" For months, people in Haiti have been going hungry. The recent rises, particularly in the price of rice, have tipped people over the edge. They are having to eat mud cakes, known as Teh, to help quiet their excrutiating ...