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Special Report on

Internet and Technology

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found that a hacker had not “intercepted” messages when he simply copied messages being sent via company servers to a Google Mail account. The judge ruled that because the hacker “did not stop or seize” the messages, there was no intercept. There are two reasons that such a decision should not stand. First, Judge Florence-Marie Cooper found that “under . . . the ordinary meaning of the word 'intercept,' [the hacker’s] acquisitions of the e-mails did not violate the Wiretap Act.” A quick look at the dictionary entry for the word “intercept,” however, seems to disagree. The second entry for intercept reads “to see ...
It's All About People, Process, and Technology. Technology is Dead ...
The recent and explosive growth of the Internet and technology has brought many good things such as e-commerce, collaborative computing, online markets and new avenues of sharing and distributing information. But each side has its counterpart, and with the technological advances came hackers. With this dark side and the many security breaches that are associated with it, companies, governments and individuals are afraid of hackers breaking into their servers or networks, stealing valuable data, collecting passwords and intercepting financial and credit card information. And many times this can become reality. Recently, there has ... market research, surveys and trends
OJJDP FY 09 Recovery Act Internet Crimes Against - ...
The synopsis for this grant opportunity is detailed below, following this paragraph. This synopsis contains all of the updates to this document that have been posted as of 03/09/2009 . If updates have been made to the opportunity synopsis, update information is provided below the synopsis. If you would like to receive notifications of changes to the grant opportunity click send me change notification emails . The only thing you need to provide for this service is your email address. No other ... market research, surveys and trends


Online U.S. Hispanics Are Internet Trend Setters, Study Show
Online Hispanics in the U.S. are "media mavens," consuming and adopting media and technology at a higher rate than the general population, according to new research released by Yahoo! Telemundo and Experian Simmons Research. The study found that Hispanics lead the general market in "media meshing" and use of key mobile phone features as they spend more than half of each day engaged with television, Internet and technology gadgets. Overall, Hispanics identified 51 hours of total daily activities, including 14 hours with technology and 13.5 hours with media. Online U.S. Hispanics regularly combine TV and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Google files for its long awaited IPO - Apr. 30, 2004
NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Google, the world's No. 1 Internet search engine, finally filed for its initial public stock offering Thursday and promised to maintain its long-term focus even though it will soon face the intense scrutiny of Wall Street. Google files for its IPO, the most highly anticipated stock sale in the era. CNNfn's Allan Chernoff reports. The company said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it expects to raise as much as $2.7 billion from the offering, which it will conduct in the unusual format of an online auction in a bid to make its shares more widely ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Yahoo! Shareholders Elect Brad Smith and Patti Hart to Board of Directors
today announced that Brad Smith, president and CEO of Intuit, and Patti Hart, CEO of International Game Technology (IGT), have been elected to its Board of Directors. Mr. Smith and Ms. Hart were elected by shareholders along with eight continuing board members at the Annual Shareholder meeting. "Both Brad and Patti are tremendous additions to the Yahoo! Board of Directors and bring a wealth of expertise," said Roy Bostock, Chairman of Yahoo!'s Board of Directors. "We look forward to leveraging Brad's extensive experience with consumer products and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Can ya believe it: A browser for black folk
It's been a Beatle's song, slang for Shanghaiing free people into slavery, and now it is a web browser, specifically targeting black web surfers.  According to the site's marketing information, "Blackbird [is] the only browser connecting you with content and news from the African American community, launches a new set of Local area features for Los Angeles and Oakland." ( Blackbird is the first browser that provides active tools to help users find African-American content, resources and applications.  Access to information is essential to build and sustain online and increasingly ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


News Release
Mar 18, 2008 ... About Nielsen Online's Internet and Technology Report. The 2007 Australian Internet and Technology Report is now in its tenth edition, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics - Computers and Technology - Internet and Cyber Safety ...
Provides practical tips to help you be on guard against internet fraud, secure your computer and protect your personal information Government Sites BRUSHster - NGA Kids - (National Gallery of Art) - BRUSHster is an online painting machine. This shockwave interactive includes more than forty brushes and customizable size, transparency, texture, and stroke options.(Shockwave required) Bullying - - (Office of Women's Health) - If you've ever been the target of harsh and unkind words, you know how hurtful it can be. This section of gives the low-down on bullying among girls, which is ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Programming and Internet Technology
Internet Technology. ■ iPhone Programming. ■ Introduction to Game Programming Using Unity 3D. ■ Visual Effects and Motion Graphics ...
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Webopedia - Internet and Technology dictionary and search engine
The internet is full of seemingly bizarre terms and acronyms. Webopedia is great resource when trying to understand just what they mean. Ever come across an internet or computer related term or acronym that made absolutely NO sense? And yet the writer, perhaps even me, uses it as if everyone on the planet should know what it means? Webopedia is the site for you. "The only online dictionary and search engine you need for computer and Internet technology definitions." • FUD ? TCP/IP ? router ? smiley ? These and thousands of other words and acronyms are defined in short, easy to understand terms, and heavily ...
I am looking into advanced social media certification programs. It ...
GlowHat™ President/CEO - Internet Marketing, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, PPC Management see all my answers Best Answers in: Search Marketing (1) This was selected as Best Answer Social media certification? why are you looking to get "certified"? hmmm How can you certify a moving target? Things are changing overnight literally in this industry. I think the ability to be able to quickly adjust tactics and learn new things everyday is a prerequisite to make it in the interactive world. What works great today, will more likely then not become less effective before long. If want to master ...