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Special Report on

IT Technology Companies

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If there’s any doubt in your mind that digital technology is critical to brand building, just look at Barack Obama’s campaign. The new president-elect used the web to engage the electorate and reach audiences where they were hanging out, whether on social media pages or Twitter, and so lowered the cost of building a brand. If 2008 saw an increase in the time and effort brands spent on digital technology, 2009 levels will be sky-high by comparison. Stormy economic conditions are likely to prevail well into next year and beyond. Smart organizations looking to pare budgets will use digital tools to increase productivity and cement ...
Social media savvy Microsoft's new competitive edge - culture ...
ranking US companies on their social media savviness rightly received a lot of air time. It's an achievement, no doubt, to come out on top for Microsoft .  For me, a couple of things stood out in almost all of the coverage which I read: firstly the oft-repeated and accepted view that this was almost to be expected as Microsoft was a technology company and therefore these would "obviously" rank higher; and, secondly the complete lack of any analysis or extrapolation of Microsoft's social media prowess . In this post and the next I will explore these issues, as I think that the first issue is misguided ... market research, surveys and trends
With Jigsaw buy, shows that lead generation is...
for Bing is another. And just about everything that Google does is but another. And everything that Facebook does? Ditto. Apple loves the idea, one download at a time. Amazon? One purchase at a time. These players are poised to grease the skids leading to a lead generation economy, one that makes conventional and current online advertising no more relevant than rabbit ear antennas for the top of your black and white television. Only a year into the data-driven decade, and the ways in which user-, buyer- and social-interactions are rapidly being brought to bear on B2C and B2B commerce are piling up -- as never ... market research, surveys and trends


Landor's trends forecast 2009
Dec 12, 2008 ... Her article, “The next billion-dollar business: A bright outlook for consumer brands in ... a 30 percent correction early in 2009. It may be .... deliver on it. Technology companies will struggle to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Compliance Week: Optimizing, Rationalizing Internal Controls
expense for SOX remains roughly $1 million per $1 billion in revenue. ... 83 percent expect SOX expenditures to stay the same or increase in 2007. ... “It's technology companies already have; they just haven't turned it on or they ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
10 Intriguing but Unlikely Mergers of IT Giants
In the tech industry, trying to compete with the juggernauts can be extremely difficult. Not only do they put pressure on smaller firms, they continue to innovate beyond what other companies are capable of achieving. That's precisely why mergers and acquisitions might be best for some firms in the industry. By merging with other companies, they can bolster their lineup of offerings, and become a more efficient firm that can compete against companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google. That said, the chances of any major mergers occurring among the largest and richest IT technology companies are quite slim. But that ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Why Tony Blair is a high-tech company's best friend
Eh? The first thing that came to mind is the celebrated story of the emperor Caligula and his attempts to have his horse, Incitatus, appointed as a consul. Anyone familiar with our former prime minister's encounters with technology (one thinks, for example, of the time he tried to order flowers for Cherie over the web) will have been puzzled by this development. Tony has many talents, but the one thing he doesn't do is technology. So who's playing Caligula in this particular farce? Answer: Vinod Khosla, an Indian-American venture capitalist with impeccable academic and technology credentials, who now runs a $1bn ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


2004 - 2005 Information Technology Assessment and Resource Guide ...
Foreword. The Information Technology Assessment and Resource Guide was prepared under a grant sponsored by CLM. Workforce Connection for Ocala/Marion County ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Gov. Schwarzenegger Tours California-based Green Technology ...
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today toured the headquarters of Serious Materials in Sunnyvale, a California-based company that was recently selected to retrofit all 6,514 windows in the Empire State Building as part of a massive renovation to increase the building's energy efficiency. The Governor is committed to keeping green jobs and green technology companies like Serious Materials in California, which is why at a press conference following today's tour, the Governor also announced he signed SB 77 by Senator Fran Pavley (D-Santa Monica) to establish the statewide Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Reserve ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Technology Company ShowcaseFINAL.qxp
The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today's underwriter: Technology Company Showcase ...
  1. profile image jabertolin Second Life needs to change its business model w/current crisis. Has it lost the interest of companies?
  2. profile image montgomerybuzz Little spent on oil spill cleanup technology: Oil companies have spent billions of dollars to drill deeper and...
  3. profile image lek05777 Asus: One of the leading technology-oriented companies of the world, ASUS is a pioneer. It has one of the best R&D...
9 months and still not indexed... - Webmaster Central Help
I have posted in here several times and nobody has ever been able to figure out why my site will not be indexed by Google. They crawl the site every day with no errors. I've tried everything. It seemed like the only possibility was not enough original content since it was a press release site. Although that didn't seem to be an issue I added a bunch of original content to the homepage just to make sure - but nothing happened for over month. Finally, I took the site down and put up a one page site with 100% original content to test the theory. Still nothing for over a month. Every single day Google comes and ...
Google Answers: IT Vacancies / Companies in Holland/Netherlands
We are an IT Recruitment Agency currently based in England and are considering opening a branch in Holland/Netherlands in Amsterdam. 1 In which geographical regions of Holland are the most IT companies based. For example in the UK it is fair to say that Cambridge, The Thames Valley region and Surrey are all major concentrations of Software companies where as Cornwall is not. 2 Where can I get a list of the top 500/1000 Software companies in Holland? 3 Where can I get a list of the 500/1000 Companies in Holland based on number of employees. 4 Which locations in Holland have the largest shortage of IT skills and which ...