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Nonprofit Technology Educator and Strategist

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There is no doubt that correctly managing data is the key to success in the non-profit world. Yet, that is often easier said then done, non-profits have an overwhelming amount of data. The data encompasses the entire organization from tracking donors and gifts, to coordinating volunteers and events. Often non-profits deal with the myriad of data by running multiple databases, one for each facet of the organization. Unfortunately, while the databases work fine for holding the information, most are stand-alone. In addition, in order for databases to be useful they require constant update. As non-profits explore new methods of ...
online communications that don't suck
Imagine producing online communications you're proud to share with the world and that garner praise from funders, donors, and other stakeholders. Each month, I look at dozens of nonprofit websites and hundreds of nonprofit emails. Based on that, I am here to tell you that in general they are actually, um... pitiful. Dreadful. While there are exceptions, most have a lot of room for improvement. Maybe that includes yours? Prospects and stakeholders who interact with you online have only your online communications to evaluate your organization. Are you credible? Are you acting responsibly with your financial resources? Are you ... market research, surveys and trends
Excellent Website Content: Testimonials
Whenever I do a training on effective websites, I always talk about constantly updated content and how testimonials are some of the best content you can have.  I love testimonials because they are real people speaking in their own voice about why they like your organization and its work. It is one thing to hear from an employee about the work they do or what they have accomplished, but it is almost always more powerful to have a person who is not an employee speaking from their heart. It also provides an opportunity to showcase the diversity of supporters and stakeholders that like the organization. People don't ... market research, surveys and trends


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Alicia Keys and AK Worldwide announced today that Alexis Tirado has landed the highly-coveted Head Blogger position for Keys’ soon-to-be-launched website (I Am A Super Woman). In April, Alicia Keys partnered with to launch a national pursuit for the Head Blogger of Keys and were aided in the judging process by a social-media panel, which I was thrilled to be a part of: Tirado was one of the most promising candidates I came across in the review process. I’ll bet many of my peers felt the same way. She previously served as an online editor at Martha Stewart, where she increased ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Conference Presentations & Agenda
With more data and research on the performance of students with disabilities in U.S. schools, administrators are now focusing on effective strategies for boosting achievement, inclusion, and outcomes for all students. Dan Domenech reflected on the significant role technology plays in these promising strategies. Dan Domenech , Executive Director, American Association of School Administrators Dan Domenech has served as executive director of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) since July 2008. Dan has more than 36 years of experience in public education, 27 of those years as a school superintendent. Prior to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Quarterly Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector
Jun 6, 2010 ... the individualist and then strategist stages. It is beyond the scope of this .... governance, performance, and information technology. .... She is an experienced educator and researcher who draws on many years of prac- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Archived: National Educational Technology Plans
In response to the educational opportunities made available by dramatic technological innovations in the early and mid-1990s, U.S. Secretary of Education released the nation's first educational technology plan in 1996, Getting America's Students Ready for the 21st Century: Meeting the Technology Literacy Challenge. This plan presented a far-reaching vision for the effective use of technology in elementary and secondary education to help the next generation of school children to be better educated and better prepared for the evolving demands of the new American economy. Due in large part to markedly increased federal, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Education, Technology, and Business: What's the Catch? — HBS ...
intersection of education, business, and technology is a key nexus for those looking to affect the future of our children, our economy, and our nation, according to the four panelists at the recent "Education, Business, and Technology" session at the HBS Conference on Social Enterprise held on campus on February 22 nd . The panel, moderated by Lumry Family Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Alan MacCormack , examined the $50 billion education industry, discussing the business opportunities and hidden pitfalls of entering this huge and complex market. MacCormack opened the session by asking why, of all ...
Why is it so rare to see nonprofit groups that have very similar ...
It is all about the dollars. Their view is this.......Why merge and cut jobs when both can receive funding, keep the jobs and still serve a good purpose? There is no discernable reason why a non-profit would want to take over another non-profit unless it was to receive more government dollars that were allocated to the other. Still, not a common practice. I agree that it could be done better. The strong ones should stay and the weak ones should go. As a solution there should be tighter audits on behalf of the govt's federal dollars to give money to the best and most productive non-profits. Also, the public should do more ...
What are the pros/cons of an Exec. Dir. serving on the Board of a ...
e) Title might change to President of Organization. Would not want them secretary to the organization. SECY needs to be another line of eyes who is always in the signature role for "things." CONs to EXDIR serving on Board 1) When not there is a clear division of responsibilities. ExeDir carries out Board policies. Board makes policies. No overlap. 2) Harder for Board to evaluate one of its own members and ExDIR should have regular evaluations 3) If position is paid there could be some animosity among members of board who volunteer toward a paid person (not always) posted 4 months ago Engaging & Energetic Speaker and Trainer, ...