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Special Report on

OJP Information Technology Initiatives

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NIJ's mandate does not allow us to provide direct funding for equipment purchases and training beyond that supplied under the Forensic Laboratory Enhancement program. However, NIJ has identified a number of other sources for new and surplus equipment. NOTE: Applications for Research Funding may rightfully involve the acquisition of equipment, materials, or supplies if they are intended to support the conduct of applied research, development, demonstration, evaluation, or analysis work. NIJ does not exercise control over external Web sites. Read our Exit Notice . 1033 Program : Permits the Secretary of Defense to transfer, ...
that together is known as the Global JXDM. Global JXDM is independent of vendors, operating systems, storage media, and applications and is quickly becoming key technology for assisting how criminal and judicial organizations exchange information. The Global JXDM is sponsored by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP), with development supported by the Global XML Structure Task Force (GXSTF), which works closely with researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). New releases are issued by the GXSTF, which reviews and evaluates each version of the Global JXDM. The GXSTF ...
information sharing initiatives. Global promotes standards-based electronic information exchange to provide justice and public safety communities with timely, accurate, complete, and accessible information in a secure and trusted ... market research, surveys and trends
Corrections Technology Center of Excellence
designed for corrections managers to learn about and discuss technology initiatives and issues affecting the corrections community. During the week-long institute event, attendees will receive and exchange information about existing .... failure to follow all of the instructions in the OJP solicitation; and (4) technical issues experienced with the applicant's computer or information technology (IT) environment. Notifications regarding known technical problems with GMS ... market research, surveys and trends


Promoting Partnerships for Public Safety
In recent years, electronic information has become a driving force in commerce and popular culture and, in many ways, it has helped fuel an atmosphere of ever-growing public expectations regarding effective and efficient government service. Information sharing has never been so important. OJP, including BJA, recognized the need for effective information sharing in 1998, when it established the Information Technology (IT) Initiative. The IT Initiative facilitates improved communication and information sharing at all levels of government and across all disciplines of the justice system. This ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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awarded almost $3 billion to states and local ...... approximately 22 percent ( 5.2 million) were ...... OJP's Information Technology Initiatives are an ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


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OJP's Information Technology Initiatives are an information-sharing resource for the justice and public safety communities. The Web site ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
National Justice Information Sharing (JIS) Initiative FY 2010 ...
Mar 29, 2010 ... Justice and DOJ's Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative ..... requested in the “Data Grantee Provides” column so that OJP can calculate values for the ..... DOJ Information Technology Standards (if applicable) ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Projects; Increasing Information Sharing Effectiveness: A ...
Justice agencies at all levels face many challenges that can be addressed more successfully when information is shared across organizational boundaries. These challenges differ widely in scope and complexity. One challenge may involve linking diverse databases and case management processes within, say, a county prosecutor's office, where organizational units operate under one executive leader. Another would be enterprise-level initiatives, such as a statewide crime communications network that consists of many different agencies at several levels of government engaged in diverse but overlapping business processes using ...
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I'll have around 25 students in my Computer Security class at the University of Alabama at Birmingham starting in January. Several of them are working on a Masters Degree in Computer Security with a "Certificate in Digital Forensics" and are interested in pursuing careers in Cybercrime Investigation, or Computer Forensics, or Computer Security. If you have any Internships available within your company or agency for the summer (Early May through Early August) I'd very much like to discuss with you. Location specific: Birmingham, Alabama Area posted December 8, 2007 in Information Security , Job Search | Closed Share This
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I would like to understand how police forces - primarily in the US - have been defining crime "hot spots" (i.e., what kinds of data/criteria they have been using), and what patrolling strategies they have used to target them. I am particularly interested in understanding strategies to respond to "hot spots" quickly or in real-time - and if there are not such strategies, I am interested to understand what kinds of constraints (e.g., technology, communication between officers) have prevented them. The ideal answer would provide some synthesis of the sources, as well as links to the best articles and links. Will offer up to $100 ...