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San Francisco Nonprofit Technology Center

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Here is a listing of some of the technical assistance providers available in the Bay Area. The majority of these providers are familiar and comfortable with working in communities of color. Please note that we're providing this list as a service, and please choose providers carefully in order to guarantee the best match for your organization and needs. COMPREHENSIVE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE San Francisco Bay Area Capacity Builders of Color Directory Donna N. Bransford , Founder and Principal, DNB Strategic Consulting: Staff management, Social Change Philanthropy, Donor Education and Development, Fundraising Strategy and ...
in 2005 - the first left-handed quarterback to be so honored. He holds the NFL record for highest career passer rating and won six NFL passing titles.
A Convergence of Interests: Open Source Software a Natural for ...
A fisherman in a developing country uses his cell phone to dial into a central location where data on the current prices of fish and quantities in each local market have been collected. Using this data a computer calculates which market is the best place for him to sell his fish that day, and the fisherman receives a text message with the information. This broad sharing of information, unimaginable just a few decades ago, has been made possible by the internet and by the availability of inexpensive hardware and free software. Cell phones are widely used in the developing world, as a cheaper alternative to installing phone lines ... market research, surveys and trends
First Salon, a success!
The first NOSI Salon, held at the San Francisco Nonprofit Technology Center was a definite success! About 15 people of varied organizations and roles came out to talk to the me about what they think NOSI should be doing in the coming year or so. People were happy that NOSI is back, and we had a great, wide ranging conversation about the future of open source software in the nonprofit sector, and the kinds of ways that NOSI could help increase the awareness and use of FOSS in the sector. Unfortunately, our podcasting equipment was not up to the task (I should have done a bit of reading about microphones ahead of time - it's ... market research, surveys and trends


Nonprofit hospitals, once for the poor, strike it rich | WSBT ...
Nonprofit hospitals, originally set up to serve the poor, have transformed themselves into profit machines. And as the money rolls in, the large tax breaks they receive are drawing fire. Riding gains from investment portfolios and enjoying the pricing power that came from a decade of mergers, many nonprofit hospitals have seen earnings soar in recent years. The combined net income of the 50 largest nonprofit hospitals jumped nearly eight-fold to $4.27 billion between 2001 and 2006, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of data from the American Hospital Directory. AHD, an information-service company, compiles data that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Nonprofit Employees Are More Satisfied Than Other Workers With ...
Gina L. Brooks is proud of the work done by Second Helpings, the Indianapolis anti-hunger charity she heads. But her employees, she says, may be even prouder. Take, for example, her food-production manager. Second Helpings trains individuals in food-service skills using donated food, and supplies the city's emergency-food organizations with the prepared meals. Each day, Ms. Brooks says, the manager shows up in the charity's kitchen, unaware of which donated foods she will have to help make up to 1,300 meals. What's more, she works with a constantly changing set of volunteers to prepare those meals. "It sounds ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Catholic Healthcare West and St. Bernardine Medical Center Announce ...
Healthcare West (CHW) and St. Bernardine Medical Center (SBMC) announced today that they have entered into a formal relationship with North American Medical Management California, Inc. (NAMM)/PrimeCare, an organization under the Aveta Inc. family of companies. Their purpose is to address federal health reform mandates well before the established deadlines, allowing ample time to develop and refine the infrastructure for an integrated health care delivery model that will ultimately enable coordination of physician and hospital care throughout Inland Southern California. “We ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Oregon college graduates struggle to launch careers in grim job market
Jackie Mroz, 22, a 2009 honors graduate from the University of Oregon, sets up the hot food line for a luncheon at the Rose Quarter in Portland on her last day of work for Ovations late last month. Mroz has juggled four catering jobs in recent months as she looks for career-level work related to her degrees in international studies and sociology. Last week, she started a 3-month, unpaid internship for a nonprofit agency in Baltimore. They have worked four years, often longer, juggling jobs and classes, cramming for finals, studying abroad working internships — all with the hope of finding a career foothold despite the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Heather Carpenter
Created and directed the San Francisco Nonprofit Technology Center, presiding over nonprofit specific software trainings in the 2300 sq. ft. of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Speaker Bios - State of California
Mar 13, 2009 ... Dr. Coye is also founder and CEO of the Health Technology Center (HealthTech), a San Francisco-based non-profit research organization that ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Career Center - Job Listing Sites
San Francisco Bay Area online community where you can find job and volunteer listings. Also provides links to Craigslists covering other major metropolitan areas. Indeed Searches multiple job websites for you and delivers relevant job postings utilizing your search criteria. Internet Job Source Can search job openings by location and industry; also links directly to employers' websites. Yahoo! hotjobs Includes a wide variety of jobs, has a special search feature for entry-level/internships, and provides a huge list of company profiles. AIA East Bay American Institute of Architects/East Bay Chapter Job Board. ...
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Google Answers: Non-profit executive director compensation in the ...
Here are a few examples of such environmental non profit organizations in the SF Bay Area: - California Native Plant Society - Global Futures Foundation ( - California Invasive Plant Council ( ) - was the California Exotic Pest Plant Council until last month - The Oaks Foundation ( ) - California Institute for Biodiversity ( - Point Reyes Bird Observatory Locating relevant salary survey results might be another way to answer this question. Hello ichneumon-ga, Many organizations are reluctant to reveal their salary and benefits ...
What advice would you have for a new president of a nonprofit ...
I'm very grateful to let you know that I'm the new board president of an all-volunteer run trade association, whose mission is to build thriving organizations and communities by helping nonprofit professionals teach the joy of giving. Located in San Francisco, CA, our services include accessible training and peer support for fundraisers at all stages of their careers. Our nearly 200 members represent nonprofits represent agencies with combined budgets of approximately $1 billion. Included in our ranks are every type of organization, including health, arts, advocacy, education and religion, from small grassroots groups ...