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Special Report on

Spatial Information Appliances

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Spatial behavior is one of the most fundamental aspects of our existence, yet most people have never considered what information they use to navigate their environment.  Think about the last time you walked around the mall, toured a new city, or needed to find your gate at the airport.  Assuming clear signage, these spatial activities were likely performed with little thought or effort, but how did you do it? The answer is surprisingly difficult to articulate. These tasks are not a conscious process for most people; they are simply the product of an effective visually-guided perceptual-motor coupling. However, when ...
Where did I go at 1am in the morning?
This was an online conference focused on utilisation of the Apple iPhone sensors and how applications can easily be built to use these sensors in weird and wonderful ways. Quite an insightful conference and I was amazed at how awake I was particularly at 1am in the morning. So why I would attend an online conference particularly at 1am in the morning? Most importantly, allows me to attend in my PJs as the conference was run on New York time, Online participation is exceedingly high. No more waiting for someone to stand up and ask that first question. Just type away! Can save the presentations as they are given. My ... market research, surveys and trends
Augmented Reality TFTLondon
(AR) – watch this video, it’s essentially adding to what you see and sense in the real world with useful information, to-date most implementations are geared around providing spatial information to maps or scenes such as finding the nearest tube station or restaurant. The evening opened with some discussion of how the current ‘thirtysomething’ generation grew up with emersion through video games, Doom was one of my favourites and whilst I’m not still a gamer I can see how the experience is immersive for a lot of people to this day. The reality of realities is that it’s not quite there yet to enrich our daily lives, the iPhone ... market research, surveys and trends


Alberta Government Services, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada the Alberta ...
To achieve internal and external operation and distribution efficiencies, Alberta Registries initiated the Surveys Automation Project in late spring of 1997. Its primary goal was, for one of the first times in North America North America,  third largest continent (1990 est. pop. 365,000,000), c.9,400,000 sq mi (24,346,000 sq km), the northern of the two continents of the Western Hemisphere. , to move the entirely manual survey plan registration, archiving, printing, and distribution process into a modern digital environment over a two-year period. Registries worked in partnership with the Alberta Land Surveyor ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Carbon Copy: Household Appliances
All those gadgets add up. It's not just refrigerators and air conditioners and electric heaters we need to worry about in our homes. The International Energy Agency estimates that worldwide, consumer electronics now represent 15 percent of household power demand , and that is expected to triple over the next two decades. Any gains made in the efficiency of electronic appliances have been offset by increasing numbers, and by the increasing tendency for devices to be 'always on'. To satisfy the demand from gadgets will require building the equivalent of 560 coal-fired power plants, or 230 nuclear plants, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Toshiba MR System Improves Diagnostic Capabilities and Patient Compliance at ...
)--In today’s demanding health care environment, many community hospitals require imaging equipment that provides a variety of advanced diagnostic exams with features that improve patient cooperation. To offer a variety of high-quality, comfortable MR exams to its patients, Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee, Wash., selected Toshiba America Medical Systems’ Vantage Titan TM MR system. “Central Washington’s ability to offer a variety of comfortable exams to its patients, as well as the decrease in patient cancellations, demonstrates the effectiveness of the Titan’s ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
State Pulse: New Delhi: National e-waste policy critical
In the absence of an effective method for collection of e-waste and managing the hazardous constituents, some e-waste ends up at the scrap market, which then recycles them, using high polluting technologies- Syed Ali Mujtaba The death of a person in New Delhi's scrap market and hospitalisation of seven others has brought to the fore the dangers of radioactivity and the urgent need for a national e-waste management policy to avert any such incidents in future.  India, it is estimated generates approximately 1, 50,000 tonnes of e-waste every year. This is produced because the resurgent growth of the economy is dependent ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Spatial Information Appliances: A Next Generation of Geographic ...
Such Spatial Information Appliances (SIAs) will differ significantly from today's .... the basis of our family of spatial information appliances. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Award#0821345 - MRI: Development of a High-Performance Database ...
Naphtali Rishe (Principal Investigator) Tao Li (Co-Principal Investigator) Evangelos Christidis (Co-Principal Investigator) Raju Rangaswami (Co-Principal Investigator) Florida International University 11200 SW 8TH ST Miami, FL 33199 305/348-2494 COMPUTING RES INFRASTRUCTURE, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RESEARC, MAJOR RESEARCH INSTRUMENTATION ABSTRACT Proposal #: CNS 08-21345 PI(s): Rishe, Naphtali D. Christidis, Evangelos; Li, Tao; Rangaswami, Raju technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The University of Maine - Spatial Information Science and ...
Dr. Max J. Egenhofer is professor in Spatial Information Science and Engineering, and cooperating professor in Computer Science. He has held a Libra Professorship at the University of Maine and was a Visiting Professor at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany (2004) and the Università de L’Aquila, Italy (1993). Dr. Egenhoferhas published over 100 articles in fully refereed outlets, among them the most frequently cited papers in four journals and another three conference series, including the most cited paper in the GIS flagship publication, the International Journal of Geographical Information Science. His ...
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WikiAnswers - How many years does an interior designer have to go ...
The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for an interior designer. Postsecondary education, especially a bachelor's degree, is recommended for entry-level positions in interior design. Two-year and 3-year programs also are available. Some States license interior designers. Education and training. Postsecondary education, especially a bachelor's degree, is recommended for entry-level positions in interior design. Training programs are available from professional design schools or from colleges and universities and usually take 2 to 4 ...
Google Answers: Denver based and owned business
private companies: March 20, 2006 Gale Company Name Address City State Country 1 Source Fire Stop Inc. 12331 N Peoria St. Henderson CO United States 1 Vision Software Inc. 200 E 7th St., Ste. 204 Loveland CO United States 10 Moons at POP Inc. 12300 Liberty Blvd. Englewood CO United States 105 Meridien ...