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Survey on Information Appliances

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While there has been considerable debate concerning the rent-to-own industry over the past decade or more, with allegations of serious consumer protection problems and proposals for various forms of national regulation, there has been little independent systematic examination of the typical experience of rent-to-own customers.  FTC staff attempted to fill this gap by conducting a nationwide survey of rent-to-own customers.  Between December 1998 and February 1999, over 12,000 randomly selected U.S. households were surveyed, identifying over 500 rent-to-own customers who were interviewed about their experience with ...
which was rated the ninth largest market research business in the world. A move the company described as "the most important decision made by GfK since going public in 1999."
Consumer electronics industry: demand pull Upgrade
In response to the international financial crisis, the state introduced a countryside home appliances, consumer electronics trade-in, energy-saving products Huimin engineering, export tax rebates, a series of policies, industry-wide monthly economic sentiment index showed increasing momentum. Flat panel display industry chain is getting more sophisticated energy-saving household appliances industry to high-end transformation, digital television and next-generation mobile communication network construction industry brought about great development of the terminal, which are for next year’s industry-wide restructuring and ... market research, surveys and trends
TM to the consumer an idea of home appliances – home appliances TM ...
9 provinces and cities to implement pilot programs and operational procedures announced, due to the introduction of the Regulations are not the same time, our reporter in Beijing, the major home appliance stores survey interviewed a large number of consumers, and B2 in the June 19 published a “home appliances to new leaf consumers mysteries remain, “the article aroused the sympathy readers. July 2, the Ministry of Finance, the seven ministries jointly issued “appliance TM to the implementation of measures” (hereinafter referred to as “measures”), the tender parts have started work, thus, ... market research, surveys and trends


Articles - Education Resource - StudySphere
StudySphere provides fast, easy and free access to a wide variety of research-quality child-safe websites organized for education online from home, school, study abroad and home school. StudySphere�s goal is to help students, teachers, librarians, and other researchers find both highly targeted and closely related information quickly. Votes:0 Register Today! Creating a free account on takes less than a minute. As a community member you can: Receive our FREE e-newsletter Comment on news Interact with other members Stay informed! Newsletters Rss Feed Podcast Shopping Cart Register | Sign-In Searching... ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
(1997 Residential Energy Consumption Survey Data on the Four Most ...
The 1997 Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) collected household energy data for the four most populated States: California, Florida, New York, and Texas. Data for all the other States are aggregated and available at the Census Division (groups of 3 to 8 States) level. For an overview of the energy-related characteristics and usage in each of the four most populated States, click on the State (in the left column). For detailed data, choose from the tables listed below. Each table presents the pertinent information for each of the four States. All these data are from the 1997 RECS and are the most recent end-user ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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Amerilithium Corp., (OTCBB: AMCG) Amico Games Corp., (OTCBB: BSIC) Basic Earth Science Systems, Inc., (OTCBB: BRNZ) Brand Neue Corp. For More Information email us!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (OTCBB: HELI - Heli Electronics Corp.) LATEST NEWS!! Heli Electronics Corp. Reports its New Wholly Owned Subsidiary's Record First Quarter 2010 Financial Results: 194% Revenue Growth, 241% Net Income Growth GUANGZHOU, China, Jun 21, 2010 -- Heli ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Trend Micro Launches a Hybrid SaaS Email Security Solution Uniting In-The ...
Trend Micro announced today the latest major version of InterScan™ Messaging Security Virtual Appliance (IMSVA), newly built as a unique hybrid SaaS email security solution that integrates in-the-cloud protection and SaaS security services with an on-premise virtual appliance so email threats are stopped closest to their source without compromising email privacy while achieving significant management overhead, network bandwidth and data-center consolidation cost savings. “With 90 percent of all email being spam, it’s no wonder companies are struggling to keep up with the increasing volume of emails overloading ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Survey on information appliances - Computer Graphics and ...
An appliance is a tool or machine adapted for a special purpose. Our retail stores are full of traditional appliances that attempt to improve our ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Effects of Income on Appliances in U.S. Households
Looking across the country at how people live, the factors that cause the most differences in home lifestyle, including energy use, are: Geographic location determines what climate people live in, what appliances they have, and what types of energy they use in their home.� Socioeconomic differences may show how differences vary based on race, gender, or the number and relationships of the persons in a household.� Household income can affect the number and cost-related attributes and types of appliances, like televisions, that most households have.� ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Survey on Information Appliances
Information Appliances. 2. May/June 2000. Information appliances take computing off the desktop and into our everyday world. This survey reviews ...
Source for residential electricity usage data - PowerMeter Help
Does anyone know where data is available for residential electricity usage broken down by square foot of living space and by region/climate for homes that use electricity to heat/cool?  I've been able to find summaries that discuss electricity usage by region but the data is not typically broken down by home size and by heating fuel.  It is really hard to know how much improvement is possible and where I stand relative to similar homes in my area without good solid data. I'd be willing to provide data on my house for Google to tabulate (under reasonable privacy terms) if I could compare my energy usage with other ...
Where can I find survey sites that pay you in cash or gift ...
If you can sign up with Pinecone Research, they are great. Free products to test, and $5 cash for completing surveys. The only thing is that they don’t accept sign ups all the time. You have to find a banner that they post when they need new people, and they don’t advertise when or where they will post that banner.    by Nikki on Jan 11 2007 (41 months ago) Opinion Square Membership is FREE Earn Cash and Prizes for Each Completed Survey Surveys are Fun and Always Voluntary Your Information is Confidential