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Special Report on

Technology Assistance for Nonprofits

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"How are grassroots non-profit organizations going to survive – let alone thrive – in the 21st Century unless they are able to access the communication tools that their funders, members, and the media-at- large may demand? Building capacity for social change depends upon recruiting new human resources with both technological and leadership skills." - Carnet Williams, Former NetCorps Executive Director Membership-tracking databases, on-line advocacy actions, affordable hardware and software, on-line training and tutorials, e- mail, listservs, and web pages (to name a few) are critical resources for grassroots groups ...
is an American nonprofit executive best-known for her impact in creating a social enterprise model within a nonprofit organizational and governance structure. Under her co-leadership, TechSoup Global has become the largest technology assistance nonprofit in the world, coordinating an international network of 32 technology support organizations and serving more than 300,000 nonprofits and libraries each month in 2009. Ms Masisak received her MBA from the Columbia University Business School, and worked as a management consultant with Coopers & Lybrand for 9 years, and in leadership roles in several Internet businesses thereafter. ...
Shawn Michael on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for Nonprofits ...
on some free templates or tools that Microsoft has developed for the software that reduce the amount of customization needed by nonprofits to make Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Nonprofits work for their specific needs. These free tools are the only difference between commercial Dynamics CRM and the nonprofit version. They translate the commercial product to something nonprofits can use out-of-the-box and build on for additional functionality. They reduce implementation to a fraction of what it would be if people start from scratch. Below, find Shawn's simple, clear description of what Dynamics CRM Online does, how hard (or ... market research, surveys and trends
The GiveWell Blog - Exploring how to get real change for your ...
stressed that one of SEF’s biggest challenges is human resources (i.e., continually finding good people to staff it). I can easily see how this would be. As I mentioned in Part I , I found that the nonprofits I visited were employing capable, impressive people with a combination of local background and well-above-average educational credentials and command of English. On one hand, seeing these staffers made me feel good about the organizations we were recommending. At the same time, it highlighted one of the most universal and hardest to evaluate concerns we have about nonprofit work: diversion of skilled labor from ... market research, surveys and trends


The View from Here:
Answer: Until five years ago, technology assistance for nonprofits was focused .... About fifty percent of the revenue for the North Carolina office is generated ... The FY 2003 operating budget is $1 million with ten full-time staff, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Economic Recovery and Nonprofits
Nonprofits represent 5.6 percent of the Gross State Product. (the overall measure of the state's economic .... $100 million for worker training on smart grid technology ... $150 million for Economic Development Assistance programs ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
IBM Helps Non-Profits Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency
today announced the addition of a new portfolio of software, services and consulting grants to respond directly to the needs of local non-profit organizations to improve their effectiveness. To view the multimedia assets associated with this release, please click (Logo: ) These new IBM Trailblazer Grants open up IBM's innovation technology and the deep expertise of its employees and make them available to the local non-profit sector. Through consulting and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program Provides Interns for 270 Nonprofits ...
The ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program kicks off its 39th year today in 12 states across the country. The program is one of ExxonMobil's signature community programs and helps 270 nonprofits across America employ college students for eight weeks each summer. The students receive a paid internship introducing them to a wide variety of community service organizations and giving them hands-on experience related to their field of study. Selected nonprofit agencies receive much-needed support during peak summer months from students viewed as future ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


briefing paper 1.18.05
The Short Story of Technology Assistance for Nonprofits ... What's Happening with Technology Assistance for Nonprofits in Tampa Bay ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Resources for Nonprofit Organizations | Watershed Funding | US EPA
EFIN is an outreach service offering electronic access to many types of environmental financing information for state and local environmental programs and projects. EFIN maintains a Web site of environmental financial tools , including links to A Guidebook of Financial Tools , publications and links to resources elsewhere on the Internet. Grants Desk Top Resource The Grants Desk Top Resource is an online training seminar is to ensure that EPA's nonprofit recipient community understands the assistance agreement regulations, how to manage assistance agreements and how to close out assistance agreements. It also ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Indiana Nonprofits: Nonprofit Capacity Assessment
to respond to the challenges and opportunities facing them. However, the meanings of these concepts vary widely and grantmakers find it difficult t o develop grant opportunities that effectively meet the needs of nonprofits. To develop a common understanding of capacity building and technical assistance, we are surveying several waves of Indiana nonprofits about their capacity building and technical assistance needs. In Phase I , completed in 2007, we surveyed 91 charities at the request of the Indiana Grantmakers Alliance and Lumina Foundation for Education. For more information about this effort, please see ...
Google Answers: Nonprofit Tech Grants for an Apple Shop
We are an HIV medical research nonprofit that seeks and identifies promising HIV therapies that are not of interest to pharmaceutical comapianies (we can do this because we are driven by mission, not by markets). We currently employee just under 20 people, in a Macintosh technology envrionment. Because we want donor dollars to serve our mission, we have neglected our technology infrastructure, but could update the entire workplace with Emacs and two servers for under $20,000. We have located several foundations and operations that fund technology for operations. Most are for PC environments. Our minimimal needs are for one ...
Anyone know a great non-profit looking for exposure? | LinkedIn ...
My award-winning, non-traditional branding + advertising boutique will donate its creative time to develop a TV commercial/viral video for a well deserving non-profit. All suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time. Dear Noah, You are certainly entitled to have an opinion. However diluted it may be. So, therefore, I have no intentions of choosing your answer as the best answer, nor do I intend to report or even delete your answer, for that matter. But I could certainly say the same about your answer in that “are you trying to disguise your answer and evoke people in a way so they read your ...