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Special Report on

Technology, Pollution Prevention

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The NJDEP air toxics program has evolved over the years into a multi-pronged approach to decrease air toxic emissions in our state. NJDEP's first attempt to specifically address exposure to air toxics, was in 1979 when N.J.A.C.7:27-17, “ Control and Prohibition of Air Pollution by Toxic Substances ” was adopted. This regulation listed eleven “Toxic Volatile Organic Substances” (TVOS) and required that sources emitting those TVOS into the air register with the NJDEP, and demonstrate that they were using state-of-the-art controls to limit their emissions.  Since that time, the NJDEP ...
charged with protecting human health and the environment, by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress. The EPA was proposed by President Richard Nixon and began operation on December 2, 1970, after legislation establishing it was passed by Congress and signed into law by Nixon. The agency is led by its Administrator , who is appointed by the president and approved by Congress. The current administrator is Lisa P. Jackson . The EPA is not a Cabinet department, but the administrator is normally given cabinet rank . The agency has approximately 18,000 full-time employees. 1 Cite error: There are tags ...
                                     518-862-1090 ext. 3544                                                                  ... market research, surveys and trends
Bureau of Environmental Protection of Guangzhou Municipality
1. Executing the State, provincial and municipal laws, policies, regulations and standards for environmental protection; formulating and implementing municipal rules, regulations and standards for environmental protection. 2. Drawing up plans for environmental protection and plans for the dividing environment functions; supervising pollution prevention and ecological protection in key areas and key rivers fixed by central, provincial or municipal government; participating in formulating the outline of the municipal sustainable development. 3. Supervising and managing pollution prevention of water, air, gas, noise, solid waste ... market research, surveys and trends


Pollution Prevention as a Regulatory Tool in California: Breaking ...
Fifty-one percent of the cleaners surveyed consider equipment suppliers to be ..... Although credits valued at $2.6 million dollars were available, ..... Strasser, Kurt A. 1997 Cleaner Technology, Pollution Prevention and Environmental ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Sherri Goodman
percent of the 17 million acres withdrawn from public lands for military use. .... Environmental Security programs – Technology, Pollution Prevention, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Fighting pollution with pollution in oil-stained Gulf
Roughly five million liters of dispersants have now been used to break up the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico, making this the largest use of such chemicals in U.S. history. If it continues for 10 months, as long as Mexico’s Ixtoc 1 blowout in 1979 in the same region, the Macondo well disaster has a good chance of achieving the largest global use of these chemicals, surpassing 10 million liters. And there is no doubt that dispersants are toxic: Both types of the dispersal compound Corexit used in the Gulf so far are capable of killing or depressing the growth of a wide range of aquatic species, ranging from ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Turning green: UCLA's James Liao wins EPA award for transforming CO2 into fuel
We all want to leave smaller carbon footprints, the more we learn how harmful carbon dioxide, primarily in the form of exhaust from burning fossil fuels, can be to air quality. But imagine being able to personally claim credit for removing millions of  tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. That's exactly what James C. Liao, the Chancellor's Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, may soon be able to boast. His technological breakthrough — turning CO2 into alternative fuel — was acknowledged June 21 in Washington, D.C., when he ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Associate Degree (65 units) in Environmental Technology. Pollution Prevention is an important component of the instruction in Environmental Technology. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Pilot of the Pollution Prevention Technology Application Analysis ...
This document pilots the Pollution Prevention (P2) Technology Application Analysis Template (P2. Template) on the Suparator ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Governor's Sustainability Awards - Illinois Sustainable Technology ...
The Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) is no longer accepting applications for the 2010 Governor's Sustainability Awards. The Center, in cooperation with the Office of the Governor, has honored organizations for their efforts in sustainability and pollution prevention since 1987. Sustainability is achieved through activities that satisfy today's needs without diminishing the prospects of future generations. At ISTC, we believe that the key to sustainability is being less wasteful with materials, energy, and natural and community resources. Any Illinois public or private organization is eligible to apply for ...
WikiAnswers - What should everyone know about pollution prevention
There are many different forms of pollution so there are many ways of preventing pollution, and they are not the same for everyone because we are not all doing the same things. The average person can... Why should you prevent noise pollution ? Noise pollution is bad on two levels...personal and civil. Personal - Too much noise can be damaging to a person's own health. If music is too loud, it can permanently damage someone's ear drum,... How can pollution be prevented ? I think we can help pollution get better by slowing down a lot of things such as not using the car as much and not littering because littering ...
What are the different types of industrial pollution? - Yahoo! Answers
In the United States industry is the greatest source of pollution, accounting for more than half the volume of all water pollution and for the most deadly pollutants. Some 370,000 manufacturing facilities use huge quantities of freshwater to carry away wastes of many kinds. The waste-bearing water, or effluent, is discharged into streams, lakes, or oceans, which in turn disperse the polluting substances. In its National Water Quality Inventory, reported to Congress in 1996, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency concluded that approximately 40% of the nation's surveyed lakes, rivers, and estuaries were too polluted ...