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Special Report on

Understanding information literacy

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Beherens, Shirley J. July 1994. "A Conceptual Analysis and Historical Overview of Information Literacy". College and Research Libraries. Bellingham Public Schools. 1996. Course Outline: Information Literacy and the Net. Washington State University Web Site, ( ). Bertot, John Carlos, McClure, Charles R., and Fletcher, Patricia D. 1997. The 1997 National Survey of U.S. Public Libraries and the Internet: Final Report. Washington, DC: American Library Association, Office for Information Technology Policy. Bleakley, Anne and Carrigan, Jackie L. 1994. Resource-Based Learning Activities: Information ...
have become prevalent. For example, one conception defines information literacy in terms of a set of competencies that an informed citizen of an information society ought to possess to participate intelligently and actively in that society (from [1] ). The American Library Association 's (ALA) Presidential Committee on Information Literacy, Final Report states, "To be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information" (1989) . Jeremy Shapiro & Shelley Hughes (1996) define information literacy as ...
Information literacy is the basis for all learning
These past few weeks I have had to do some soul searching regarding information literacy. I have had a few lively discussions regarding what it is with people who did not see it with the same eyes that I do and I have been part of a professional development team leading a workshop on the topic. I have spent a considerable amount of time in the past 10 years researching it, reading about, teaching it, living it, so when I am challenged it is a good thing as I can re-evaluate where I am and my understanding. It all came to a head last week when I read the futurelab document " Digital literacies across the curriculum " ... market research, surveys and trends
Critical Literacy? Information!
Picture it, a higher education institution, 2009. The sun is shining. It’s a warm summer day. Your iced coffee perspires on the desk in front of you. You are a faculty librarian participating in a workshop with other faculty members on outcomes-based assessment for teaching and learning. You’re excited to make the leap from routine library orientations to in-class assignments centered around information literacy concepts, which will help improve your instructional sessions and place students on the continuum towards mastery of information literacy concepts. Suddenly, the conversation turns to the topic of the learning outcome ... market research, surveys and trends


First Monday Podcast February 2008 Transcript
And I’m AJ Hannah. How many often do you find yourself using an Internet search engine like Google or Yahoo Search in a single day? From simple searches about the weather, telephone numbers to more complex questions about any number of topics the Internet has become our reference source of choice. In fact, according to a 2005 Pew Internet & American Life memo, 60 million Americans use search engines on a typical day. Joy: Our growing dependence on Internet search engines to satisfy all our information needs is a concern for educators and librarians, especially those on college campuses who struggle to get students to move ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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The purpose of this paper is to provide a selected bibliography of recent resources on library instruction and information literacy. Design/methodology/approach – The paper identifies and annotates periodical articles, monographs, and audiovisual material, in the area of library instruction and information literacy. Findings – The paper provides information about each source, discusses the characteristics of current scholarship, and describes sources that contain unique scholarly contributions and quality reproductions. Originality/value – The information in the paper may be used by librarians and interested parties as a quick ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Overdue at the Library: Good Guides on How to Use It
More than 19,500 librarians of all stripes descended on the nation's capital over the weekend for the annual meeting of the American Library Association. They tolerated unseasonably fierce heat. They heard literary luminaries including Toni Morrison and Junot Diaz talk about the value of libraries and books. And they explored almost every aspect of what they do: cataloging and collection building, assessing e-books and encouraging elementary reading skills, preserving materials and serving patrons. There was even a session on "Not So Extreme Makeovers," in which a personal stylist from Nordstrom and several ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Community Media and Information Literacy in the Digital Age
"If you want information access because you want a better-informed citizenry and a fairer society, you must start embracing the importance of information literacy and the need to provide infrastructure to help people build these skills." Access to information alone is not enough. Knowing how to sift through that information, how to evaluate which information is being shared and which is being withheld, how to search for the information that will empower you to participate in civic life—all of these are crucial to informed democracy, but they are not skills with which people are born. As a Commissioner on the Knight ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Understanding information literacy: a primer; an easy-to-read, non ...
“Understanding Information Literacy: A Primer”. Edited by the Information Society Division, Communication and Information. Sector Paris: UNESCO, 2007. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Thomas Jefferson Information Center
Understanding Information Literacy: A Primer. Forest Woody Horton, Jr. 103 p. U. N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Course Descriptions | Library & Information Science Program ...
Introduction to major ideas and concerns of the information professions and examination of formal communication of relevant ideas, information, and knowledge.  Exploration of nature and role of organizations in which archivists and librarians work.  Required for all students enrolled in the MLIS Program. LIS 2005 ORGANIZING AND RETRIEVING INFORMATION Key concepts in information organization and information retrieval, including: terminology and models of organizing and retrieving information; nature of user information needs and implications for information organization and information retrieval; identifying ...
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What are the six types of literacy? - Yahoo! Answers
In college English Comp. 1 the teacher discussed six types of literacy. She only mentioned it once, and i later found out that it's on the final exam. And I can't find my notes. Does anyone know what there are? I think there were on there: Aliteracy Illiteracy Family literacy (maybe) Fucntional Literacy (maybe) Please help, these aren't even in our text book. Types of Literacy It is common to hear reference to different types or varieties of literacy. Just a few of these are: •Functional literacy: The level of literacy required to get along successfully on a day-to-day basis. •Cultural Literacy: ...
Question: Financial Literacy Programs in the US
I am interested in having research completed on financial literacy programs in the US. In particular I would like info on for profit and nonprofit companies but an emphasis on "for profit". In addition any information on pricing of the products and sales distribution channels. How programs are delivered Online? Offline? Request for clarification by Researcher easterangel on Tue 2 Mar 2010 - 10:22 pm UTC: Hi! Is this the type of reading material you are looking for? "Consumer financial literacy and the impact of online banking on the financial behavior of lower-income bank customers" by Lisa ...