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Special Report on

High unemployment in Poland

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Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Medical University of Gdansk, ul. Powstania Styczniowego 9B, 81-519 Gdynia, Poland Address correspondence to Pawel Zagozdzon, E-mail: pzagoz{at} Background There were few reports about the relationship between unemployment and mortality in Central Eastern European countries experiencing economic transition. Methods This study measures overall and cause-specific mortality rates in 47 247 subjects registered as unemployed in Danzig City and Danzig County for the period of 1999 and 2004 and compares them with the age-matched general population. Results In unemployed male subjects, ...
Heart of the Country" in the communist era. Since the fall of communism, these heavy industries, mainly steel works, have been in decline and the region suffers from high unemployment rates. There are, in addition, several mountainous areas where the landscape is relatively preserved. Nowadays, the economy of the region benefits from its location on the borders of two other Central European countries: Poland and Slovakia.
the roma people history
The Roma (Gypsy) people are the largest stateless people group in all of Europe.   It is believed that the Roma originally came from northwest India around the year 1300, they had left nearly three centuries before as a military population of mixed, non-Aryan origin assembled to fight the invading Muslims.  Their entry into Europe, via the Byzantine Empire, was also the direct result of Islamic expansion.  As a non-Christian, non-white, Asian people possessing no territory in Europe, Roma were outsiders in everybody's country.  Romani culture also ensured - as it still does- that a social distance be kept between Roma and gadje market research, surveys and trends
Enough Of This Rip Off | :::…The Tide News Online:::…
“Government must not be for one section of the Society.It must be for the rich and the poor,emphasizing the upliftment of the poor...” Daily, Nigerian newspapers are awash with employment or recruitment advertisements. Ordinarily, such adverts should call for celebration as hiring new hands is an indication that the economy is looking up, in spite of the comatose vital manufacturing sector. But it is bewildering to observe that many paid adverts for recruitment require applicants to purchase scratch cards of two thousand naira (N2,000,00) and above for application forms that are usually accessed online. Ever since, some ... market research, surveys and trends


Do self-employment programs work? | Labor & Employment > Labor ...
Programs that help the unemployed start their own businesses have proven to be a potentially cost-effective tool in job creation in a number of industrial countries. They are not a panacea, however. Job creation is an important concern not only in transition and developing countries with high unemployment rates but also in many industrial countries, especially in Western Europe, where unemployment has risen sharply in recent years. Since the late 1970s, a number of governments have introduced programs that help unemployed workers set up their own businesses. Self-employment programs are not a cure for unemployment - a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Regional competitiveness in Poland: Creating an index
Jul 19, 2008 ... Knowledge based business: the number of patent applications per million inhab- itants in: high tech, ICT, biotechnology, percent of business ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Why a civil society extends unemployment benefits
I have the questionable distinction of appearing on Larry Kudlow’s CNBC program several times a week, arguing with people whose positions under normal circumstances would get no serious attention, and defending policies I would have thought so clearly and obviously defensible they should need no justification. But we are living through strange times. The economy is so bad that the social fabric is coming undone, and what used to be merely weird economic theories have become debatable public policies. Tonight it was Harvard Professor Robert Barro, who opined in today’s Wall Street Journal that America’s high ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The strike that shook the Kremlin
Thirty years ago, a trade union forced the Communist Party into a retreat that marked the beginning of the end of Soviet Europe. Solidarity's legacy – for Poland and beyond – mustn't be forgotten, writes Neal Ascherson Thirty years ago, ordinary people challenged an armed dictatorship, and won. On 31 August 1980, the strikers in the Lenin Shipyard at Gdansk forced the Communist authorities in Poland to sign an agreement. It promised them – among many other lesser things – a free and independent trade union, the liberation of political prisoners, plural and uncensored media and the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


High unemployment in Poland – not only a labour market problem
Poland is described in column 3, which summarises the findings of the following three sections. By Michał Narożny*. High unemployment in Poland – not only ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Constitution: The constitution now in effect was approved by a national referendum on May 25, 1997. The constitution codifies Poland's democratic norms and establishes checks and balances among the president, prime minister, and parliament. It also enhances several key elements of democracy, including judicial review and the legislative process, while continuing to guarantee the wide range of civil rights, such as the right to free speech, press, and assembly, which Poles have enjoyed since 1989. Branches: Executive --head of state (president), head of government (prime minister). Legislative --bicameral National Assembly ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
benefits which offer a high replacement rate,2 unlim- ited duration, and/or few restrictions may contribute to unemployment. Poland's current unemployment ...
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I am currently 21 years old and will be getting my associates degree in liberal arts and sciences in May 2010. I am determined to go to Europe and find a job but I just have no idea how. When i bring the idea up to people around me they just laugh but one day I find I am just going to pack my bags and go. I was just wondering If it is easy to find a job in Europe (particularly Spain, France, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, and Poland) with an associates degree and how much money would I need to bring along with me if I were to just decide to go over there and explore it for my own? You can't just pack your bag and move to ...
Question: Research on the NGO sector -- Poland
Need initial high-level data on the NGO sector. Source of data is important. For example, the number of NGOs is from 2005 and from the government agency authority in that country. NGO data ----------------------------------------------------------- What is the total number of operating NGOs in the country? (For example: see for an answer to Hungary) What percentage of NGOs are computer enabled? What percentage of (NGO?) population is connected to the internet? What are the top 10 types of NGO’s (from activity codes)? Who are the Top 10 ICT NGO’s? NGO registration authority ...