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Special Report on

Outplacement and Careers Counselling

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Seattle-based consulting firm specializing in outplacement,organizational development,change management,executive retreats,and executive coaching Allen and Associates : Allen And Associates is a Career Management firm specializing in certified resume and cover letter writing, company research, employment verifications, career management, and job search assistance. Ambler Associates : Provides executive outplacement services to corporations. Avenir Career Consulting : Avenir Career Consulting Ltd - Outplacement Support, Career Counselling, and Redundancy Management Services Bakos Group : BakosGroup ...
that helps professionals, managers and executives make career transitions and find employment. Historically, membership was limited to persons over 40, but some chapters have opened their ranks to experienced professionals of all ages. 40Plus chapters provide job search training programs, networking opportunities, and other resources to members. Members come from all sectors of the economy, including private businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and government. Many people with technical and professional expertise do not receive outplacement counseling when they lose their jobs, and 40Plus chapters have ...
Career Transition Counseling: How Outplacement Counselling Works
Career transition counseling helps employees move onto new jobs. It helps them make career choices and approach the job market effectively. When the services of employees are no longer required, their employers sometimes help them find a new job. Career transition support can be provided by an internal branch of the HR department or by an external consulting firm. The term “career transition counseling” has been adopted recently as a more positive expression than the older names, redundancy or outplacement counseling. The implication of the new name is that departing employees are moving onto a new career, not just ... market research, surveys and trends
5 ways to manage redundancy effectively | Dynamic Business
Tina Radford is the founder and Managing Director of HR Business Solutions. She is a firm believer that implementing the right HR solution can make a fundamental impact to the overall performance and effectiveness a company’s most valuable asset – staff. In her blog, Tina brings a refreshingly different style and substance to the typical corporate HR presentation. As business managers it’s important to remember that mismanaged redundancies can be equally as damaging to your company and employer brand as they are to employees. Over the years I’ve seen many companies struggle to recruit new talent based on poorly handled HR ... market research, surveys and trends


Emerging trends in carrer counselling
In 1987, an additional 3.1 million jobs were created - the largest ... 1984 to 4.2 percent in 1986. Japan is the only nation on which comparable ..... Outplacement counselling/related services;. 6. Psychological testing and assessment; ..... Designing careers: Counseling to enhance, education, work and leisure. San ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Outplacement consulting (OPC) is a multi-million dollar business about which ..... required definitions include outplacement counselling and outplacement .... was 91 percent male and 9 percent female, all of them executives, receiving .... of management careers and explores a series of propositions that he offers ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
If You're Going to Be Edited, Be Sure the Result Is Still You
A WHILE back, I mentioned in a column that I had agreed to edit the college admissions essays for the daughter of a friend of mine. Job seekers at a career fair in Houston. Experts say to be wary of paying too much for a professional résumé rewrite. I received some outraged e-mails from readers asking whether I really thought it was ethical for a professional writer to help with a student’s essays. I was a little taken aback. I had lightly edited, not written, the pieces, and besides, don’t lots of parents pay thousands of dollars for this very service? This all came back to me recently when I received an e-mail from ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Outplacement Insight
seen it, don’t worry, I won’t share any spoilers! INCEPTION finds a group of corporate thieves immersed in dreams. They chase their desires, hoping that it does not lead them into limbo along the way. There is a comparison to be made here as the class of 2010 are embarking into a whole new world post graduation and what lies ahead is now down to them. Dreams to be realised. Limbo to be avoided. Today as many receive their A’level result’s a challenging economic context prevails. The headlines make it very clear; there are an increasing number of graduates, trying to make their first break into the job ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Outplacement counselling: an effective tool for certified public ...
work and careers. A 1991 survey of the 4500 largest companies ... tion and the circumstances. Sometimes the. 26. Outplacement counselling ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Programs and Services - Professional Outplacement Assistance ...
Since POAC's inception the JumpStart program has become the basic starting point for well over 35,000 professional, technical and managerial people who have turned to POAC for career management assistance. POAC recently introduced a totally new JumpStart program titled Re-Engineering Success, in response to the demands of the changing labor market. In 1993 when POAC opened its doors near the Baltimore Washington Airport, the region's labor market was reeling from large corporate downsizings and massive restructuring. Although layoffs and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
whole philosophy of outplacement from a career counseling/career management service to a job replacement activity according to Bob Lee. ...
Careers: Business: my career, hr market, good personality
After all that time I started to lose my desire to work; namely , I'm loyal to my work and save no time and efforts to submit what is needed always what ever was the case , creative , have the ability to solve problems and take decisions , have a good personality , and efficient at my field of expertise . but unfortunately , all these find no one to respect or appreciate . I think I deserve more than being at this level (senior level), and this started to affect my performance as well as my psychology . WOULD YOU PLZ ADVISE ME , I WAS ALWAYS REMARKABLE AND WANT TO BE ALWAYS SO . Thank you,   Answer RANA, What  is ...
When do you use external resources (consultants) in change ...
Economics (5), Change Management (2), Accounting (1), Government Policy (1), Business Development (1), Organizational Development (1), Career Management (1), Using LinkedIn (1) This was selected as Best Answer The answer is it depends upon the size of your organisation and the scale of the change envisaged. The smaller the change, the easier it may be managed in house, if you have the relevant expertise already. Paradoxically, smaller organisations are less likely to have the in house resource and larger organisations have the potential to benefit disproportionately from using external change consultants. External consultants ...