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Special Report on

Unemployment Benefits, Belgium

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Next Sunday, the Belgians go to the polls. For various reasons the elections can hardly be called fair and democratic. Today the leadership of Vlaams Belang , Belgium’s largest party which strives for the independence of Flanders, Belgium’s Dutch-speaking northern half, met a delegation of OSCE observers to complain about various violations of the rules as outlined in the OSCE’s 2005 “Election Observation Handbook” (referred to below as EOH). VB Senator Jurgen Ceder listed ten serious violations: •    Electronic voting without certification procedures •    Discrimination in campaign financing ...
has been taking place in an economic environment characterized by various imbalances and was sparked by the outbreak of the financial crisis of 2007–2010 . Although the late-2000s recession has at times been referred to as "the Great Recession ," this same phrase has been used to refer to every recession of the several preceding decades. In July 2009, it was announced that a growing number of economists believed that the recession may have ended. 2 The financial crisis has been linked to reckless and unsustainable lending practices compounded by government intervention and the growing trend of securitization of real ...
Finding a job in Brussels and Belgium | BrusselSprout.NET talking ...
If you want to work in Belgium or the capital Brussels, then there are fairly good chances for finding employment, provided you satisfy the work permit conditions and have a professional skill. Brussels in particular has a large international job market. Many international companies are represented in Belgium and Brussels is of course also the capital of the European Union and houses many of the EU institutions which also provides for many job opportunities, not only with the EU directly, but also indirectly with many supporting organizations. English is also often the working language in many large coporations and organizations ... market research, surveys and trends
Belgium is a tax haven?
Belgium is a tax haven recently I read in the newspaper and this statement hit me as I astound Belgium more experience as a state where people have to pay excessive taxes. Which explains why so much cheating and evasion, and the Belgian increasingly invent tricks to minimize his hard-earned pennies to Father State to issue … Few people know exactly why you pay tax and so much of your pay to the state to give up. Taxes have to do with solidarity , fairness and proper operation of the state, so it is The public interest is thereby assured: if the service is organized in different domains (eg city services, benefits, ... market research, surveys and trends


Belgium - New World Encyclopedia
Straddling the cultural boundary between Germanic and Latin Europe, Belgium's two largest regions are Dutch-speaking Flanders in the north, with 58 percent of the population, and the French-speaking southern region of Wallonia, inhabited by 32 percent. The Brussels-Capital Region is an officially bilingual enclave within the Flemish and near the Walloon Region, and has ten percent of the population. Christianity is traditionally seen as Belgium's majority religion, but by 2004, weekly Sunday church attendance had dropped to about 4 to 8 percent. The second largest religion practiced in Belgium is Islam (3.5 percent). ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
IMF Survey: Belgium: Time to Shift to Higher Gear
Output growth has outpaced the euro area average since 2002 and reached 3 percent in 2006, its fastest pace since the start of the decade and well above its long-term trend. Sound economic policies have underpinned growth. Public finances have been in balance since the beginning of the decade, bringing about an unprecedented decline in the public debt burden (see Chart 1, top panel). Labor market reforms have helped more people find jobs. Nonetheless, the aging of the population and globalization make it increasingly evident that policies need to be strengthened further. With a new government taking office later this year, and a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Germans worry the most about unemployment, study shows
Germans worry the most among people living in European countries, particularly about unemployment, a new study by the GfK market research institute reported on Monday. �Overall, people - and Germans in particular - are more worried than ever,� managing director and vice chairman of the GfK Association Raimund Wildner said in a statement. �What is remarkable this year is that the number of concerns expressed has rocketed. In fact, I can hardly recall such a quantum leap before, at least not in the past 20 years.� While only 16 percent of Britons and 36 percent of Swedes said they feared losing their jobs, a whopping 66 percent of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The paper clip, 8 June
reports that the German government is looking for ways to cut the country's deficit by €80 billion by 2014. The newspaper says that most of the savings will come from welfare payments such as unemployment benefits and family allowances while there will be new taxes on banks and nuclear power plants to raise additional revenue. The government is also planning to cut the size of the country's armed forces. Die Welt reports on widespread opposition to the deficit reduction plans from trade unions, opposition parties, social organisations and even from within the ranks of the governing coalition. Handelsblatt market trends, news research and surveys resources


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duration of their unemployment benefits (Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, and. Norway). One country increases its sick pay duration (the UK). ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
--(Dutch-speaking) Flanders 57.9%; (French-speaking) Wallonia 31.7%; (legally bilingual) Brussels Capital Region 9.7%; German-speaking 0.7%. Religions: Predominantly Roman Catholic, with Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Anglican, Greek and Russian Orthodox, as well as secularism, "recognized" religions receiving government subsidies. Languages: Dutch, French, German. Education: Literacy --99%. Government Type: Parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarch. Independence: 1830. Constitution: 1994 (revised). Branches: Executive --King (head of state), Prime Minister (head of government), Council of Ministers (cabinet). Legislative technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Determination of Unemployment Benefits
Unemployment Benefits. 425. Appendix B. Sample of 16 Countries. Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Ger- ...
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Moving to Belgium from the UK? - Yahoo! Answers
I am hoping to apply for a job before I actually move, so does anyone know where I am best looking? I am looking for basic admin work or even a call centre (english speaking). I currently speak only English but am willing to learn either dutch or french, and am looking to live in Brussels. Any info would be a great help. I am OK for somewhere to live as I have a friend in Leuven who will help put me up, but they are struggling to help me find any other info I need. Thanks in advance. Official job offers websites are for the Flemish region (where Leuven is), for Brussels and for the ...
How long do you have to work in Germany to be eligible for ...
Unemployment pay comes out of the unemployment insurance fund that you pay into as an employee in Germany. You must have paid into that unemployment fund for at least 12 months (360 days) out of the past 2 years in order to be eligible for Arbeitslosengeld (unemployment pay) in Germany. Independent contractors and self-employed workers are, however, not eligable. The amount you get, and the duration of your benefits depends on how long you have worked, and how much you have paid into the fund. When your unemployment benefits run out, you may be eligible for Sozialhilfe, which comes out of the social welfare system. However, the ...