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Venture capital guide and directory

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Here are some interesting findings from our recent preparation of Global CleanTech & Environmental Capital Providers Guide, with US still lead the world in terms of number of investment providers, followed by Europe and Asia. Our Global CleanTech & Environmental Capital Providers Guide was launched in August 2009; this is a Capital Providers Guide with over 500 investment firms and� 2,000 contacts in this investment guide. For more details, please go to Here are some of the key findings we would like to share: 1.�US still leads in terms of number of investment firms represented, and still comprising ...
Since the origins of the modern private equity industry in 1946, there have been four major epochs marked by three boom and bust cycles. The early history of private equity —from 1946 through 1981—was characterized by relatively small volumes of private equity investment, rudimentary firm organizations and limited awareness of and familiarity with the private equity industry. The first boom and bust cycle , from 1982 through 1993, was characterized by the dramatic surge in leveraged buyout activity financed by junk bonds and culminating in the massive buyout of RJR Nabisco before the near collapse of the leveraged buyout ...
Astonish Results Guest Blog on Insurance Ecosystem | Astonish ...
Social Marketing Compass by Brian Solis and JESS3 Originally uploaded by b_d_solis This is a great tool created by social media thought leader Brian Solis and the creative agency JESS3 to help businesses understand all the elements of social media engagement. Buy Mr. Solis’ book “Engage” for a full explanation of the social media compass and a wealth […] NBrown Individual Personalities Top Agencies in Social Media Awareness June 1, 2010 An insurance agency, or any business for that matter, is only as socially savvy as the person making the status updates, tweets and blog entries. Ryan Hanley, an independent agent from New ... market research, surveys and trends
The Park Ridge Marriott in New Jersey Includes Free Gas Cards as ...
While thousands of clients - celebrity and civilian alike - have experienced the gently healing hands of Dr. James Hopkins, relatively few have had the honor of enjoying the effects produced by his new sound healing services. That will soon change, as Dr. Hopkins celebrates the release of his first CD called Golden Ratios, based on the Pythagorean principles he uses in his revolutionary healing practice. As of June 24, 2008, the CD will be available via New Leaf Distributing, who will feature it at the upcoming International New Age Trade Show®-West (INATS® West; Rocon LLC is using Adobe® Flash® ... market research, surveys and trends


Private Equity Trends - Latin America Still Growing - Venture ...
Latin American Private Equity Remains Relatively Strong Despite Global Economic Crisis, Finds Annual KPMG Poll of PE Executives NEW YORK, Feb. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Private equity (PE) investors in Latin America don't expect the region's deal market to begin recovery until possibly 2010, but say it continues to offer greater investment opportunity than many other areas, according to the 2009 Annual Latin America Private Equity Survey of PE stakeholders by KPMG LLP, the audit, tax and advisory firm. While all of the respondents to the KPMG poll said the global economic crisis had affected Latin America, 67 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
VC investment 2009: Challenges, hope, and a guide for finding ...
The bad news is, experts predict the economy will worsen in 2009. VC funding is expected to fall, with more money diverted from seed financings and Series A to later stage companies that must hold off on exits while waiting out the markets. The good news is, biotechnology tops the list of industries likely to receive VC funds in 2009. VC Funding in Third Quarter 2008 Ends High; Dip Expected in 2009 Biotech was the top industry sector in terms of dollars for the third quarter 2008, bringing in USD 1.35 billion invested in 114 companies. Software came in second, with USD 1.34 billion invested in 214 companies. Third highest was ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Founder's affinity for Twitter drives Cambridge start-up
Corp.’s chief executive, Laura Fitton didn’t have to think twice before hopping a flight back from San Francisco. “It was obviously red-eye worthy,’’ she says. Fitton was one of the few entrepreneurs in the room at last October’s closed-door meeting with Steve Ballmer, and afterward, she says, “every single venture capitalist who was there said, ‘Let’s have coffee.’ ’’ About a month later, Fitton had raised $1 million from Flybridge Capital Partners in Boston for her start-up, Oneforty Inc. (A Flybridge partner had been at the Microsoft meeting.) ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
PAPIS: Proud Of Bristol Run
As Bristol racing goes, Wednesday night's O'Reilly 200 was everything it should be. The air was thick with humidity and it electrified when the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series took to the track for what ended up being a 206-lap race. Max Papis qualified the GEICO Tundra in 21st position and after 206 laps of highs and lows, finished 14th as fellow Toyota driver Kyle Busch took his third Bristol Motor Speedway win. "I have to say, I am very proud of what we were able to accomplish tonight with our GEICO Tundra. At Bristol there are so many things out of your control. We managed to race the GEICO Tundra in the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Galante's Venture Capital & Private Equity Directory
Equity Directory. Quick Reference Guide. Introduction. Galante's Venture Capital ... Browse all venture capital and private equity firms as if you were ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Seed and Venture Capital |
Venture capital is typically provided to early-stage start up companies that have high growth potential in industries such as biotechnology, information technology and manufacturing. Venture capital investments are generally made as cash investments in exchange for shares in the company. Search for Equity Financing & Loans for your small business The following initiatives have been sponsored by the Federal government to create to help small companies raise capital. Numerous private equity firms also exist to provide funding. These firms tend to invest in businesses within a specific geographic area. Use our Loans and Grants ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Venture Capital & Private Equity - Baker Library | Bloomberg Center
for research on the venture capital and private equity industry; this guide points to the best resources available to the HBS community. Overviews and Analysis Gilligan, John and Mike Wright. Private Equity Demystified , August, 2008. Deals with motivations, risks and rewards of private equity players. Global Trends in Venture Capital: 2009 Report Deloitte report based on survey issued in various parts of the world. Investment Benchmarks. Venture Capital Check Harvard availability Provides aggregate benchmarks on the performance of over 1,000 U.S. venture capital limited partnerships formed from 1969 to 2004. Includes summary, ...
How do Venture Capitalist and Angel Investors invest in countries ...
In my experiece, VC and Angel money does not travel well. They like to be close to their portfolio companies so they can add value and monitor them. It gets too hard to attend board meetings if you have to travel more than a few hours. You should go along to some of the PE and VC conferences - I have seen them held in Dubai and other places in your region. Also check your local venture capital and private equity associations. Also, there could be an Angel investor association. $2m to $3m is considered a pretty small deal, even for VC's, so posted April 18, 2008 The word "invest" when used in a venture context misleads ...
Google Answers: Who are's major competitors?
Hello hehappycoupleco1-ga, I've taken a look at your question and I've been hesitant about trying to answer it because it's too broad and too vague to be able to figure out what would constitute a good answer. Since you don't provide a list of competitors, the researcher will first have to define the category of websites/industry citysearch fits and then make a list of competitors. Next, the researcher will have to develop criteria for comparison and then conduct the research to find out what citysearch is doing and how its competitors compare regarding "advantages and disadvantages." These ...